Out there

I just added a post to the FLILincoln blog reflecting the the process of engagment. Of note here is that so far I’ve used this site (Mauricefli’s Blog – deitics are a mine field 🙂 ) to reflect on the processes in our faculty one. It seemed time to have the reflective process out there more. So that the meta-discussion runs in parallel to the content discussions.  More transparency? More confusion?

See the link to the FLI Lincoln blog on my home page.



About mauricefli

Hi I'm a member of the Learning Teaching and Research team at Lincoln University. I love exploring ways of engaging with the learning process. I hope we have lots to share together. I have lived and worked as an academic in Japan for many years and spent a year or so in South America. I've also worked in the worker's rights education and, a life or two ago, on international development. I am currently focused on helping LU staff to get the best out of our on-line learning management system, Learn, and face-to-face learning. My research interests are in socio-linguistics, particularly in the language of power. My doctral thesis investigated to what extent workers in a Christchurch bread factory realised their voice through their union in a series of contract negotiations with the company. I live at Sumner beach and enjoy walking the hills around the peninsular. These days my books and music often taken second place to my two grand kids. Getting grey isn't all bad! .
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4 Responses to Out there

  1. I’m a bit confused…where is the post you’re directing us too? 🙂

  2. mauricefli says:

    Sorry, all a bit rushed.

    Go to the blogroll and click on FLI or go directly to http://flilincoln.wordpress.com/
    > Blog Engagement

    Hope you’re well Sarah


  3. mauricefli says:

    Interesting development. I did the first interview for a blog article this morning, explaining the purpose of the FOC blog. The academic concerned immediately added the flilincoln RSS feed to his home page.

    One bridge at a time.

  4. The other person who is worth talking to about this is Leigh Blackall – he has a lot of experience working in the context you are at the moment: http://leighblackall.blogspot.com

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