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A quick note – I’ve not had time to do anything here lately. Too much focus on the flilincoln site – I think it was VI Lenin who said it’s better to make revolution than to write about it? Not that I’d want to claim the flilincoln blog is at all incendiary. I wish 🙂

No actually it going well – at least in the sense that have a regular routine of posts that is pretty impressive. We don’t yet have a following and that is a bit of a worry, the number of hits is building slowly but overwhelmingly from off campus. I even worry about the wisdom of the energy we are investing in the blog as a team. Doubting Thomas, if one was to be biblical, still I need to have faith that it will slowly gain traction with our real target audience in LU.

I think about the need for FOC to be driving the blog rather than the target of it but that is unrealistic?  I talk to individuals and invite them to contribute but no. I speak the wrong culture. Last night I re-read the narrative on Moodle.org about the pretty good teacher. I think I’m just impatient…

Well back to work 🙂


About mauricefli

Hi I'm a member of the Learning Teaching and Research team at Lincoln University. I love exploring ways of engaging with the learning process. I hope we have lots to share together. I have lived and worked as an academic in Japan for many years and spent a year or so in South America. I've also worked in the worker's rights education and, a life or two ago, on international development. I am currently focused on helping LU staff to get the best out of our on-line learning management system, Learn, and face-to-face learning. My research interests are in socio-linguistics, particularly in the language of power. My doctral thesis investigated to what extent workers in a Christchurch bread factory realised their voice through their union in a series of contract negotiations with the company. I live at Sumner beach and enjoy walking the hills around the peninsular. These days my books and music often taken second place to my two grand kids. Getting grey isn't all bad! .
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9 Responses to On the FLI

  1. I am going to be brutal…I think your expectations for FLI are too unrealistic. Unless you are a very hip blogger with something very original or sexy…you won’t build up a following for some time. I bet the people you are trying to target don’t even understand what a blog is….let alone that you can follow it. Maybe, you need to do in-house blogging workshops so people understand what blogging is.

    The other point about building a following is that you have to get out and make connections with blogging land, so every time you make a comment on another blog, or link to another blog, that will help bring people to you. The other thing to think about is…are you meeting the needs of your market? Is what you’re blogging about what people want to read?

    Can I suggest…once you have some time…is to work through the 31 Day Blog Challenge…that will give you more information about the intricacies of blogging: http://www.problogger.net/31-days-to-building-a-better-blog/

  2. mauricefli says:

    Thanks Sarah,
    Agree with all you say. The target audience have little idea of blogging. The workshop is a good idea.

    We are building a following, the problem is that it is not amongst the people who we want to work with.

    Time – yeah. The problogger is a good thought – it’s no good investing time poorly -what ever the quality of the post 🙂

  3. Moira stephens says:

    Interesting discussion as is the notion of pro blogging. I may be naive but I hadn’t really considered this aspect. I blog as a way of journaling some thoughts & ideas, more for myself than with an expectation that they will be read. However, I would like comments & discussion to clarify & develop my thoughts sometimes. I understand that I don’t have many readers/commenters/ followers as I don’t invest enough in commenting on other’s work. Certainly an automatic share to fb and, more usefully
    possibly, to Twitter will provide exposure. Have you used Google Analytica? Free software that allows you to analyse the who, where and when of your blog hits. Keep trucking.

    • mauricefli says:

      Thanks Moira, in our case the main function of our FLI blog is to demo to teachers how it can be used to engage people. Currently of course, we are demonstrating the challenges of that!

      WordPress does have a stats and analytics tool that is very useful. it is this that is enableing me to see that the posts we have on our blog are not from the target audience. As Sarah noted, we are building links to all sorts of intersting people, through Twitter especially, but…

  4. Not that I can talk…we have a following of 3 people on our EDC blog LOL http://otagopoly.blogspot.com/

  5. mauricefli says:

    Hmmm. the thing is with Twitter that we’re geting interaction but the same folks who don’t know anything about blogs know even less about Twitter. There has to be point of entry into some part of the culture. I’d hoped that it might be Moodle in our case, but – largely – no.

    All food for thought 🙂

  6. I’ve just come across this post by Michelle Martin – there might be some ideas worth looking: http://www.michelemmartin.com/thebambooprojectblog/2010/07/more-on-blogging-when-your-industry-isnt-into-it.html

    The conclusion I have come to when it comes to engaging staff with blogs etc is we have to make it relevant to staff…to meet their particular needs. To a lot of staff, reading a blog is just another thing they have to do with no benefit. What we have to do somehow is to show them the benefit of reading our blogs and joining in with their own blogs…sell it to them… If you have any ideas about how to do that effectively, please let me know…

  7. mauricefli says:

    Thanks for the link.

    I’m not sure that there is any one answer. THe underlying point is the one you make – they have to benefit from it. I worked perpherally on a reserach project at UC last year where a group of trainee teachers were asked to join a wiki as part of their course. There were no credits so nobody much participated.

    Altruism doesn’t put bread on the table I guess 🙂

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